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Apartments Mira Omiš, Croatia

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Apartments in Croatia – Omis " Villa Mira "

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Apartmány Chorvatsko - Omiš "Villa Mira"

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30 m od moře a pláže

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Apartamenty "Willa Mira" Omis Chorwacja

Apartments Villa Mira - Omis
On the south side of the villa there are apartments with a spacious terrace that provide unforgettable views towards the canal and the island of Brač. The interior consists of luxuriously furnished air-conditioned rooms - bathroom, bedroom with double bed, living room with two single beds high comfort, LCD TV and satellite dish with a wide range of programs to suit every taste, and the kitchen is equipped with modern kitchen appliances: refrigerator, microwave oven, kettle, dishes ... Apartments offer accommodation for 2-4 persons. Ideal for families with children.

Why choose apartments Mira?

  • Spacious, air-conditioned, comfortable and modern furnished apartments
  • Peace, relaxation or different activities of your choice
  • Close to the sea, beaches, garden and everything you need
  • Gratis easy chairs at the beach
  • 30 meters from the sea and pebble beach
  • Private parking within the facility
  • The long tradition and hospitality of the host

Apartments with pool
The most important feature of this house is definitely the Outdoor pool where you can spend unforgetable moments. By day, swim and sunbathe in a lounger by the pool surrounded by nature and the privacy of your accommodation. Spend romantic evenings sipping a refreshing drink or cocktail in the fresh air by the pool.

 Terrace with barbecue 

One of the advantages that this property has is certainly Grill where you can try your hand at barbecuing and prepare delicious dishes. When preparing grilled dishes you can use briquettes or charcoal, and be sure to heat the grill first so that the meat would not stuck together. Also make sure the fire is balanced and strong.

Romantic vacation for two

A romantic getaway for couples is ideal for forgetting your daily routine for a while and dedicating your time to the person you care for most. The idyllic oasis of Omis is the perfect place to escape from reality.

Imagine waking up to the murmur of the waves, long walks by the sea, massages for couples, romantic sunsets and evenings under the stars! You can have all this and much more in Villa Mira, the perfect destination for couples of all ages!

 Sea View Terraces

From enjoying your first cup of morning coffee to sipping fine local wines as the sun sets in a colourful flourish to reveal an endless star filled sky, every guest apartment offers unforgettable views of the sparkling Adriatic Sea, the  and the  island of Brač from your own private terrace.

Beautiful Beaches
Only 30m to the Sea
A beach lover's paradise, Villa Mira is situated less than 30m from the Adriatic shoreline; our guests can go from bed to beach in less than 5 minutes with a short stroll along the winding seaside path which leads to numerous stunning stone and white pebble beaches that meet the crystal clear waters of the bright turquoise sea
Special offers for September accomodation 
The summer crowds have dissapeared, prices start to drop, so make the most of the last rays of sunshine.  If September is your month for vacation in Croatia, you will not make a mistake. The peak of tourist season is behind us, the crowds are gone so you can enjoy the beach in peace. You can enjoy real summer on the Adriatic for less money. 
Organize your holidays in June - September by choosing one of our  apartments!
 Ideal apartment for family

Family apartments vary greatly in relation to apartments for one or two people. When travelling with a family, which includes small children, then you must pay particular attention to many things. Certainly, you will not care what apartments you enter. Apartments Mira offer a wide range of options when it comes to families.


This is actually important for most of those who stay in the apartments. However, there are also those apartments that only serve as “necessary evil”, which are considerably cheaper and chosen by tourists who need only one night and the current roof over their heads, so they do not think much in those conditions. However, for the family, it is important, especially for children, that the hygienic conditions should be at the maximum.


The equipment with technical and other means is understood (TV, Wi-Fi,...). Also, for the family, it is very important that the apartment has a kitchen with accompanying accessories, as you will feel at home in this apartment.  tell you when you do not have to think about all these things, but you’ll be able to enjoy it a bit.
The more devices you have, the more convenient for families. Most apartments Mira contain most of the appliances and are very well equipped. Of course, we advise you to inquire about what you can expect before you enter the apartment.


Families usually come with their own car and of course, it is important to provide a parking space. Nobody wants the carers to go half an hour or more to the car,

- Two bedroom apartment with terrace and a sea view is located in the house, only 30 meters away from the beach in beautiful Omisu - Ruskamenu - a small town surrounded by and sandy beaches. Also, it's worth mentioning that Ruskamen is located nearby the National Park Biokovo (45 km). In front of the house, guests can enjoy 400 m2 shared garden, decorated with flowers, pool and a small orchard. 
- A one-bedroom apartment with a sea-view terrace in the village of Ruskamen, not far from Omis, is the right choice for those who would like to have a good stay in Omis and if you are coming as a family with young children. The air-conditioned apartment with free Wi-Fi is only 30 meters away from the beach and 400 meters away, a pharmacy, ATM and other services (5000 m) are nearby.