Rafting on the Cetina river has for over two decades been the favourite activity of many tourists spending at least a day in Omiš.  What makes this river adventure especially attractive is the fact that it can be adapted to all.  Families with kids and seniors will get to enjoy easy paddling through untouched nature, whereas adrenaline lovers will take a different route and measure their strength with a series of wild river rapids. Rafting on the Cetina river is an idyllic and peaceful nature trip which will, at your wish, turn into a first-rate adrenaline adventure in a blink of an eye. The choice is just yours to make! 
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For those who’d prefer to be in full control while exploring the Cetina canyon, kayaking is the right choice. Much like with rafting, the level of adrenaline you’ll get to experience will largely depend on the chosen route.  Small one- or two-person kayaks will enable you to closely explore even the most hidden and secluded parts of the canyon. Once in a kayak with a paddle in hand, the possibilities are practically endless  – the only question is which route you are going to take?
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Rafting, kayaking and Zipline are definitely adventures you are not bound to forget any time soon. But if you really want to experience the Cetina river in its full splendour, there’s no better choice than Canyoning – an adrenaline adventure combining hiking along (and through!)  the Cetina with swimming under waterfalls and mastering river rapids.  Canyoning will give you a chance to truly “feel” the river, both literally and figuratively. But beware, this is an adventure no one gets out of dry ;-)
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Omiš and the rest of its Riviera boast some of the most amazing beaches and coves in Dalmatia, and the possibilities it offers for scuba diving and exploring the underwater world are among the best on the  Adriatic. Omiš simply has it all – from shallow underwater plains accessible to all to deep and hidden walls and cliffs to be explored only by the most experienced divers. Oh, yes, we forgot to mention one thing. At the depth of only 3 meters not far from the central town beach you can find a sunken wreck of a World War II ship. And you know what they say – where there’s a shipwreck, hidden treasure can’t be that far either…
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The view from high up on the Mirabela or Fortica fortress is surely something you will remember for a long time, but nothing beats a view you fought your way to with your bare hands.  Omiš is, among other things, also widely known as one of the top two free climbing locations in Croatia,  and adrenaline lovers are especially drawn to it by the fact that all climbing routes are just a couple of minutes away from the town centre. Regardless if you are just a beginner or already an experienced free climber, in Omiš you will definitely find the right climbing route for you.  Here you can take your first climbing steps, or you can truly push yourself to your limits. Whatever you do, there is always the big reward waiting for you at the top – a breathtaking view of the red roofs of the old town, the numerous islands of Dalmatia or the amazing Cetina canyon. And, finally, something important to note: the required climbing equipment hereabouts includes a camera! Because wherever you turn once at the top, you’ll get a view worth capturing.
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The wind is something you don't usually look forward to while on vacation but you will probably change your mind once you try one of the most addicting and fun activities you can experience in Omiš.
''If you don't like windsurfing, means you didn't try it yet'' is a known saying by the locals here in Omiš and absolutely a true one.
Doesn't matter if you are a kid or an adult, beginner or professional, windsurfing is an activity that has something to offer for everyone.
If you are looking for an easy cruise through the waves, a couple of windsurfing schools in town got you covered.  But, if you are an adrenalin-junkie seeking some extreme excitement on your vacation - worry not. Thanks to stable and regular thermal winds that are always blowing on some locations in Omiš - every day is a good day for extreme surfing.
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