Omis - Croatia

Omis is a picturesque town with a true Mediterranean atmosphere, located at the estuary of the Cetina River, just 21 km from the largest Dalmatian city of Split. Cetina River and its magnificent canyon, beautiful mountain in the background and a mile-long sandy beach make this part of the Adriatic coast unique and incomparable. Because of the unique location, surrounded by steep cliffs, the river Cetina and the sea, the city of Omis can really be proud of its extraordinary characteristics which really impress. You will surely be eager to come here again.
Ruskamen is a small, but beautiful place with 800 inhabitants, settled on the steep of Biokovo foothills, 6km distanced from the town of Omis. Ruskamen is a picturesque place well-known for its beautiful pebble beaches and a thick pinewood that follows the beaches through the whole their length creating wonderful and refreshing shadow
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The Pirate Battle

Oh, yes – every year on August 18th the port of Omiš becomes the venue of an actual – pirate battle! Well, OK – a reenactment of an actual pirate battle that originally took place in the 13th century, if you really want to split hairs about it ;-).  But once you witness the clash of two huge sailboats only a few feet away from you, accompanied by the deafening roar of canons and flintlock pistols, you’re bound to believe you are truly in the midst of an actual sea duel.
But, no worries, however convincing the actors may be, this is nevertheless just a well-directed show. The only thing you really should worry about is having enough storage space on your camera to capture all the stunts, falls and sword duels between the pirates and their most hated enemies, the Venetians.
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Klapa singing

Numerous tourists and Omiš-lovers will tell you that July is the month when you’ll see Omiš at its best and will be able to get the true spirit of the town. One of the most important reasons for this is, by all means, the famous Festival of the Dalmatian klapa, that during warm summer nights of July fills the squares and narrow alleyways of the old town with pleasant sounds of authentic Dalmatian klapa music (UNESCO heritage) , which remains the first thing many of its visitors remember when thinking of the town on the Cetina mouth.
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Omiš guitar fest was founded in 2010 with the idea to promote the guitar as a musical instrument, achieve excellence, value education and become a place that will bring together the best guitarists and guitar lovers in June to enjoy their performances and lectures, the Festival is unique because it contains electric, acoustic and classical guitars
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Passing the Dalmatia Ultra Trails you will find yourself in the time machine. You start by shooting a pirate holster, travelling through Antiquity, going to battle from the fortress, passing through abandoned villages of Croatian tribes, enjoying the Dalmatian karst as well as beautiful views of the sea, rivers and canyons.
Central to the event is the city of Omis. Known for its pirate past, today Omis with its Cetina canyon, kayaking, rafting, canyoning, hundreds of climbing and climbing routes, paraglider airfield, a centre of adventure tourism.
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